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Green Dragon

Sports and recreation

Webpage for the Green Dragon Sports and Family Recreation Center in Opole presents its very rich and diverse offer. Our clients wanted to create a transparent website presenting all types of offered physical activities for all ages in a modern, easy to navigate way.

The project included extensive branding:

  • graphic design,
  • creation of a vector logo,
  • creation of the portal based on the Responsive Web Design - RWD for:
    • desktops,
    • laptops,
    • tablets and netbooks,
    • smartphones,
    • Joomla training
  • training in Joomla,
  • banner for facebook and google+,
  • design of a flyer that advertises the entire green dragon offer,
  • car stickers,
  • club's t-shirts.

Technologies used:

  • Joomla
  • javascript
  • html
  • css

Green Dragon E-Store is an online store associated with the Green Dradon's official website. It offers a range of goods aimed at enthusiasts of sports and martial arts, such as pads, uniforms, training weapons and other accessories.

The project included:

  • graphic design that compliments the Green Dragon main website,
  • creation of the portal based on the so. responsive websites (Responsive Web Design - RWD),

versions for:

  • desktops,>
  • laptops,
  • tablets and netbooks,
  • smartphones,
  • WirtualMart training

Technologies used:

  • WirtualMart,
  • javascript,
  • html,
  • css.